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Clojure for Data Science

Clojure for Data Science

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2 Dec The article was titled Data Science Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction and in it he set out his reasons for adopting Clojure, including its. 3 Sep Statistics, big data, and machine learning for Clojure programmers. Statistics, big data, and machine learning for Clojure programmersAbout This BookWrite code using Clojure to harness the power of your dataDiscover the.

Hey all, I work for a well-known bank here in mahanttan. Our team is working on some really cool big data analysis projects related to securities. 1 Feb Presentation given at the Jan Singapore Clojure Users' Group. Clojure for Data Science. Repositories to accompany the Packt book. http://cljds. com HTML 16 Updated on Dec 13,

4 Dec Clojure eXchange conference cast. Chloe Pont, Maria Mestre: HealthUnlocked is a social network centred around health issues, where. 2 Dec Although Clojure lacks the extensive toolbox and analytic community of the most popular data science languages, R and Python, it provides a. Elise Huard Mastodon C Ltd. Incanter is no longer actively maintained, and there is a real lack of good tooling to do data science in Clojure. Most of the action in. 9 Mar After having encountered some issues dealing with Incanter matrices (a Machine Learning framework for Clojure programers), I googled my. Clojure for Data Science. by Henry Garner. Published April 21, in Technology. A talk given to the Bristol Clojurians on 21st April

25 Dec Clojure is a fantastic language, but it's data analysis story is thin. The matrix libraries are still being worked out. Incanter, which contains most. Yes, I think so. I like Clojure a lot better than R and Python as far as languages go . Clojure also runs on the JVM, which means that the FUD around performance. 8 Sep Like other Lisps, Clojure treats code as data and has a macro system. Due to the language characteristics, community support & developer. For basic data analysis I would suggest R (especially with plyr). IMO, R is a little easier to learn than Clojure, although this isn't completely.

11 Apr We interviewed Elise Huard about her upcoming EuroClojure talk called The Return of Clojure Data Science. The latest Tweets from Clojure Data Science (@cljds). Written by @henrygarner. Buy Clojure for Data Science by Henry Garner (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. 29 Mar Hi I last learned clojure in Just curious why Clojure hasn't developed as a go to for data science? It never seems to get a mention R,Python.